26 June 2010

relaxing life...its 3months already.. watching Dalil Cinta Film.. =)

*awan love

morning sunday..wahh..its been a long time..almost 1 week i dont update my blog with new entries..fuhh..kinda bz lol...iam a workaholic..he3...actually...i work hard and harder...to find more money..he3..because after my parent come back from haji end of this year..i will proceed with my engagement..and i saving more money coz next year i will get married..amin...

yesterday me and my love go for shoping at Sogo KL..its sales now.he3...my love buy new shoes..new clothes..he3...i bought new tudung for my love..colorful..new tudung hot sales at Jalan Masjid India..a lot of choices..i love to shoping wih my love..he3..

he3..what is love..for me..loved is a relationship between a man a woman..he3..love its happend when u feel something inside ur self..and u share that feel with a woman that mean for u...he3..

to success in a love relationship..only one simple steps that need....

ha3...while i type this blog..at the same time..i watching "Dalil Cinta" Film at TV3...ha3...really nice movies..i like..he3...kih3..when watching this movie..AWAN MODE FOR MARRIED is in my mind..ngeee..=p

opss..back to the top..to succes in a love relationship..one important simple step that need is "KESETIAAN n KEJUJURAN"..simple to say..rite?? but to full fill its..its takes huge "kesabaran"...fuh...

i know my self..iam a person thats not selfish..i always want others to happy..juz ask my love..she is the one thats truely understand me..between me and my love..theres is no secret...NO SECRET...he3...thats why our love is growing and comfort..=)

its been 3 months now me and my love together fall in love..and those feel like more better and better than 3 years relationship "cheated and lying" rite??
so.. eventhought its juz new 3 months..dont forget the number is growing..he3...we promise and hold with our promises..

juz watch Dalil Cinta..oke..wink3..

p/s >> if a gurl mau kawen..kene pandai macam2 dulu ye..he3..=p

21 June 2010

Qaseh Nur Darwina n Mohd Aidid Darwish

hai..he3...juz want to leave a note here..after i married..i wish to give my first child name >> if a boy i named him Mohd Aidid Darwish Bin Shahril Azwan...or if its a gurl..i named her Qaseh Nur Darwina binti Shahril Azwan..nice ha??? ngee...so sweet like her mother..amin..
*awan mode

20 June 2010

Terenganu Public Invasion!!!

*kete drift...ha3..

long time i not update this blog..actually a lot of stories that i should share here..but iam to bz since become a career guys..fuh...what i should start ya..um..oke ..start with my last day at Terengganu..fuh..i and fren rent a car..we go around Terengganu town..fuh...a lot of places we visit..ngee...me and my fren go to Pantai Aiport..we eat Ikan goreng tepung + sotong goreng tepung..mcm2 lagii..ha3...then we plan ronda2 Ganu Town..weeee...i and my friends go to Pantai Syahbandar..there is Fun Fair and bazaar..we eat Sotong bakar..ha3..mcm singam..huuu...um..dont want to talk longer..tired lol...sooner i will leave fb and bloger..bored la this stuff...ha3..

*dah mls nak update

p/s selamat hari bapa..nge3

11 June 2010

eMO mODE!!!

hai..new layout ..pink color..he3...actualy..iam learning how to make this blog more interesting to read..um..kinda bored..today is my last day training at Marang..i will back to Kuala Lumpur next monday..at 9am..um..thats means i have 2 more days here at Terenganu..and this is the last day in my life i ever come here...will leave everything here soon..

um..my training friend all are out to the Kuala Terenganu town..leave me alone here at the hostel..um..its oke..iam fine with it..i wonder why iam alone here at hostel..alone..with juz lappy in front of me..on9 my FaceBook..reply comment with my friend there...

bored and its comes more bored here because no television!! dem it..the world cup is already start..huk3...why iam here!!!!!! huk3...

juz a few minutes ago..my love call me..she understand my feel..she listen to what i said...she is a good listener..credit to her..eventhough outside iam look like a though "muncit" guy..but inside..its "lembut"...

i try my best in everything..somehow..i have to stop doing best..lets others to lead..so i have the chance to get along with whoever by my side..friends..family..
sometimes when u do the best..people doest seem like it much..difficult huh??

um..thanks for Nadia Aziz..she understand me..never let me down..always cheer me up..make me smile again in my life..she give me loves that i need in my life until my life breath..

i doing this blog juz to appriciate her in my way..she comes to my life when i need someone to talks..someone to share with..someone thats i rely with..someone thats important in my life..someone thats shows what is love in my life..someone thats caring me the way i ever dreams off..she is everything for me..thanks Nadia Aziz..only u the one thats i show my real side..only u thats understand me...

i promise to her thats i will enjoy my life only with her..i will take her around the world..adventure with me..spent happy time together..thats whats is true love about..always be part of each others...

here at Terenganu..iam alone..yes..truely..iam alone here..sympaty my self..what can i do..iam a person thats know nothings..juz learning what is life about..true life is really hard..face it and do decision always..there always impact in what ever decision u take..dont fake it..huuu....

i love challenge in my life..wont stop walking my life..

07 June 2010

♫..♫..waka waka es to africa..♫♫♫♫..

World Cup Official

World Cup is coming..yeahhh..i loikee...my favourite team is Brazil..yess..iam the Brasilian fan..he3....why i choose this team because the way they play the football..they play with passion as a team..everyone in the team is the spirit of football..we call it Joga Bonito!!! he3...Brazil have a lot of goood player in the field..the yellow and the green colors of their jersey shows us the beautiful of football..hopefully Brazil will win this year World Cup 2010 held at Africa..=)

Brasilian *Joga Bonito*

05 June 2010

meNgEdATE DI suNWaY PirAMid

yesterday is really make me tired..hik3...a lot of activities i done..start early in the morning until night i dedicated my time hang out n fun..=)
early in the morning..i go to sunway piramid with my lovely lover...he3...she so happy to see me..she is so lovely..she wear clothes that i buy for her..i love that fesyen..he3...we arrived so early at sunway piramid..no shops is open yet..and people is still not around..luckly..McDonalds is open..so we having our breakfast there..he3..

then..we go to the TGV cinema..we bought Prince Of Persia couple seat ticket..he3..love this seat..its comfortable for us..ngeee...Prince of Persia really good movie..nice to watch..i give 4/5 star to the movie..love those action + CGI + Slow Motion 3D scenes..its remind me to the Prince of Persia game that i play in my childhood memories..wink3..

i also bought for my love new clothes at Jaya Jusco..JJ sales now..and we can buy anything with lot of discount and a lot of choices..and the choices are very nice one and the quality is very good..plus the environment are friendly..love it to shoping there..ngeee...=)

the most best is i eat so many new thing there..i eat Sakae Sushi..J.CO Donuts..Ayam Penyet..ha3..really jalan2 cari mkn that day..he3..my love eat baannyakkkkk sangat2!!!!(if she read this) ha3..=p


i love to eat sushi..nyumy..nice..he3..and yesterday is my first time eat J.CO Donuts..nice..delicious!!!! and i also try eat ayam penyet for first time also..however i dont like it lol!!!spicy..so hot..huk3...i'am not chilies lover lol..

sakae sushi

ayam penyet

iam happy with my love..i sent her back to her house around 5pm..i love to be her driver and she bebel3 when iam driving..hik3..she arguing the way i drive..he3..she said she dont like when i don't use handbrake when we stop at the trafic light..ha3..she is like JPJ inspector..wek..=p

JPJ Inspector <3

i arrived at my home around 6pm..then i play little while with my cute anak buah..he3..i teach aiman how to do Joga Bonito skils..ha3..aisya and fiqah play their pinky cute double seat bicycle..hik3..comel jer..muahh from pak ngah..=)

then i take bath..and ready for my best friend Sara Specky to pick me up..we planed to go for the opening ceremony of our friends Nadya food court...he3..makan fre ler...*makan lagi*..he3...then after that..i and sara go to the opening ceremony of Jalan Reko Kajang Uptown..there is a sales of croc sandle..RM15 each..of course ler its ciplak..i dont like croc..for me its look like jamban shoes..then after chit chat with my old fren..sara sent me back home..sara used new car..kenari red color..

Nadya and Sara Specky >> SENGALISME

fuhhh..penad sgt2 that day...and i fall sleep in my room...and woke up late at 10am..iam happy to have love and friends by my side..thanks guys..=)