26 June 2010

relaxing life...its 3months already.. watching Dalil Cinta Film.. =)

*awan love

morning sunday..wahh..its been a long time..almost 1 week i dont update my blog with new entries..fuhh..kinda bz lol...iam a workaholic..he3...actually...i work hard and harder...to find more money..he3..because after my parent come back from haji end of this year..i will proceed with my engagement..and i saving more money coz next year i will get married..amin...

yesterday me and my love go for shoping at Sogo KL..its sales now.he3...my love buy new shoes..new clothes..he3...i bought new tudung for my love..colorful..new tudung hot sales at Jalan Masjid India..a lot of choices..i love to shoping wih my love..he3..

he3..what is love..for me..loved is a relationship between a man a woman..he3..love its happend when u feel something inside ur self..and u share that feel with a woman that mean for u...he3..

to success in a love relationship..only one simple steps that need....

ha3...while i type this blog..at the same time..i watching "Dalil Cinta" Film at TV3...ha3...really nice movies..i like..he3...kih3..when watching this movie..AWAN MODE FOR MARRIED is in my mind..ngeee..=p

opss..back to the top..to succes in a love relationship..one important simple step that need is "KESETIAAN n KEJUJURAN"..simple to say..rite?? but to full fill its..its takes huge "kesabaran"...fuh...

i know my self..iam a person thats not selfish..i always want others to happy..juz ask my love..she is the one thats truely understand me..between me and my love..theres is no secret...NO SECRET...he3...thats why our love is growing and comfort..=)

its been 3 months now me and my love together fall in love..and those feel like more better and better than 3 years relationship "cheated and lying" rite??
so.. eventhought its juz new 3 months..dont forget the number is growing..he3...we promise and hold with our promises..

juz watch Dalil Cinta..oke..wink3..

p/s >> if a gurl mau kawen..kene pandai macam2 dulu ye..he3..=p