11 February 2010

hounted by past<<...>>chasing the future...

hai there...i feel empty today..y??i also dont know y??actually a lot of thing in this early beginning of 2010 hapend to me..its really make me a person..miserable..anoying..loser...winner..and many more..y this hapend???its shows us our up n down side of life..its true??actualy...i want to change everything in my life..i want it to be more better n comfortable for me n others..i want to be a nice person.hope everyone out there will understand me more..listen to radio now..ermm...somehow..i want back my early life before..really mis my past life..but its remain past..life always like this..never turn back..always have to go on.chasing the future.

i love to ride my bike..coz my bike the only place where i figure out answers to my question of life..i love the air of the ride more special when its raining day..y in life theres so much question to be answered..dammed i dont like those question that hounted my life..need ghostbuster now..ha3..

mY LAst dAY AT vads..huuuuu..

hai there...its seem its my last day working here at vads..i do learned a lot here espicialy how to know people out there...a person of analytical type,pigeon type,drive type..wow..now i realize something inside me..i do find my self confident whoaa..gonna mis my fren here yooww..here i gain my self..hang out new people..its good to make fren la...my fren yana,tariqi,amar,ed,nazi,jojo..and others..GOONA MIS U ALL DARL~..huk3..wish u all luck for tomorow 1st mock cal test k..cayokk guys...^ ^