03 July 2010

Samba become Sambal...Football Superstar become Sata FishBall..


Sata Fishball

ha3...funny lols this entry title..kih3..actually..iam shock coz brasil out from the worldcup game..huk3...what a shock..argentina also follow Samba team out from world cup..huk3...this year worldcup really interesting coz a lot of football superstar not perform in the match..Messi..Ronaldo..huk3..my team Brasil also out..even they play Joga Bonito game..its seam lucky not in their side..huk3..so have to wait next 4 years for next word cup and watch Joga Bonito again..huk3..so sad..

however...cant wait for the final match...after watch certain matches..its seem Germany is the best team to win this year World Cup..fuhhh...so lets watch the worldcup oke...he3...