05 May 2010

Hepi mothers day..

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! Hai.its me again.ha3.well.curently i in a KTM train rite now.going back to my hometown for a while.i want to hug my mother n said how much i love u mom.hik3.kinda hungry rite now.cant wait to eat my mother birthday cake.nyum3.ha3.um.i hope our gov improve our KTM service.coz realy on peak hour.there is lack of service,the train is full,not enough seat n our Malaysian citizen doesnt know how to queve up.what a shame coz behind me there is an Italian couple critise our citizen attitude.what a shame.huk3.hope our gov find the best solution to solve this matter.fuhh.back to the my world again.well,iam kinda bored with the induction training.huk3.coz majority my clicks are Kelantanian.huk3.iam a Selangorian,n i stick with our PM shout out "1Malaysia" but why until now those people from Kelantan still with their attitude "berpuak-puak"..dem i hate that idea oke.huh!! There is somemore i would like to share here but its gone with the wind.huk3.i take a break for a moment.try to figure what i missing.oke.see ya..!!

i <3 my parent..=)