13 May 2010

Knowing me..

Kinda bored rite now.try to find some jajan.but where to get??huk3.i choose to write my blog in English coz i want to improve my grammar and vocabulary.its ok doing mistakes,people do mistake ok.well the title for this post is "knowing me"..try to monolog my self,and figure what i want to write bout me.um.ok.what in my mind,i write it down ok.cannot wait this Saturday,i plan go to Pulau Kapas and spent whole day there,try to find my self,my confident,and i would like to buried my past memories there in a bottle.i wrote 3piece of papers and put it inside a bottle.hopefuly next 20yrs i come back to Terenganu and find back that bottles.huk3.hopefuly its remain there.ha3.i going to try snorkling there.hopefuly no Jaws!! Ha3.the trip will start on 8.30am to the jetty and the joy will start.um.what is best to describe about Pulau Kapas.maybe "gula2 kapas pink" is the best.ha3.again,i try to snap a pic while jumping in the beach.ha3.but who going to snap n what camera to be used.aduyai.i ask my love that i would like to buy a camera for my self.she said ok as long its not SLR..ha3..n make sure its not NIKON or CANON..ha3.yelah.i will buy olympus compact ok my dear.somehow,she complete me.she do advice me not to waste money to buy Blackbery or Iphones and DSLR camera,better use that money to getting married.ha3.somehow,i like her talk n scold me like that.she is right.love the way she think and planned our future..=)

Hepi birthday my sis..

Hai.tomorrow is my sis birthday.she was born on 14may1981.she is the best and the only sis i ever had.she is beautiful,kind,caring n nice to talk with.always share her opinion with me.she grown up and become ladies after she get married with her husbnd.now she is 29 with 3cute noty kids.hik3.I learned so much experience juz look my sis handle her family.congrat sis,wish u hepi n enjoy ur life,wishing i was there with u now sis and give u birthday card.neway my sis,plz keep ur cake in a cold storeage ok.i want ur birthday cake.hopefuly its Secret Recipe.
With <3

Ketika cinta bertasbih

Bertuturlah cinta.mengucap satu nama.seindah ku rasa sdg dlm kitabku.cinta yg bertasbih.mengutus sepi ini.ku sandarkan hidup matiku pd mu.bisikan aku dlm butiran tasbih.ku panjangkan pinta pdmu maha cinta.xbisa ku paksa walau hatiku menjerit.nadiku berdenyut merdu.merangkai butir cinta.cinta mengusik rasa.Syukur ats segala cinta.