05 July 2010

6 July 2010

fear factor...nice sky..

fuhh...at last...this day come into my life again..but now with nothing for me..its oke..everything changed now..appreciate everything in my life and lived with it..iam lucky to have one love in my life and iam happy with it..never arguing on each others..always respect others..and most important is loyalty and honest..

for me..iam a lucky guys that have love to hold with..compare to my office mate..he already 30..but yet still dont have a girfren n if have g gf maybe "sapu aje ap yg tgl.." sometime iam pity on them..maybe they have to find confident first in their life..later on gurl will looked at them..i catagories those old guys under 1title "desperate houseman" =p

ok..stop talking nonsense..he3...now iam listening to a "nidji-dosakah aku"..what a nice song..

"cinta yang mempertahankan kita..ohh tuhan dgrkan doa dr cinta yang terlarang..."