30 April 2010

winner in my life..

he3..now i do feel i'am a winner..!!! coz someone that i also don't know who he is said "dia akan menyesal"...to those said it and who ever that responsible to those word and the statement that related with it..now u realize.."padan muka"..now its my turn to pity for those F*** people..!!!ha3... who is regret everything now lol..ha3..

p/s>>me pity sgt2...when KG gegurlzz become KL gurlenya..dedah sana cni like a B**** ..(sapa mkn cili dia terasa) ...ha3.. desperate kot.. =p


alhamdulilah...i got job offer today from Telekom Malaysia as a Technical Assistant (HSBB)..will start duty on next Monday 3rd May 2010....i'am happy mode!!!! ALHAMDULILLAH!!!