02 May 2010

Wonderful life..

Hai.today i will lapor diri at Telekom Training Centre Jalan Gurney.Kursus induksi for 3weeks maybe at Taiping.huu.this my life,my future.last day,i mengedate at JJ Bukit Tinggi.wow.its realy look like MV.Cant wait to go hang out there again.hot movie now is Iron Man2.for the ticket,I queve up for almost 40minutes n the board said Iron Man2 is fully booked.but yet,i stil queve up n its worthly coz when my turn come up.the ticket for uncolectable ticket foq early booked open for sale.iam so lucky to have the ticket.it feel like iam the Iron Man after buy the ticket.ha3.banga beb dpt tiket tgk org len beratur panjang muka penuh harapan nak tiket Iron Man2.ha3.the most hepy person is Nadia Aziz.hehe.i buy for her new jeans n new perfume.she looked so hepy,thanks ma,i will always make u hepi,this is how i love u.after this rindu rinduan for 3weeks oke.=)