05 December 2010

menanti..menghitung..saatnya..2 cinta menjadi 1...

hey bloggy..he3..kinda bz la this month..coz iam getting enggage with my love..he3..my parent juz back home after haji..my mother bought my love a jubah..nice one jubah.he3..if iam not mistaken..its already 8 months our relationship growth..huuu...this 26 dec is the date we choose..fuhh..december oh december..he3...

a lot of nice thing happend however need the time to wrote it down here..fuhh...life became easy when the time is right..when the time and the smile that come into ur life..wink3..

actually..this year...there is so many of my fren getting married..or even have their first child..fuh..thats what make me really wanna to married..i juz find out a batch that being given by my friend as a goodies present for attending thier walimatulurus..and the batch said "nikah is halal way.."..he3..nice ha..he3..so people out there..remember..nikah is halal way..he3..

"mak..wan nak kawen cepat2..xmo tunang lame2..esok boleh x??"