07 May 2010


In TM bus rite now.going to TM Training Center situated at Marang,Terenganu.it will a 7 hour journey before reached the distination.in a bus,in surrounded by Kelantanian n Terengganunian.huk3.learned to understand their loghat.huk3.even i dont understand,juz pretend to understand oke.ha3.um.Marang,what i do know about Marang,um well,what can i say is Marang is a beautiful place,nice people,nice village scenery and nice pantai and their ikan bakar.um.what a waste i can't snap picture.dont have camera lol.um.its ok.coming soon Nikon D5000 will be mine.fuh.juz 10minutes ago.my moms call me.she do concern about me.nice chat with my mom early in the morning.she told me to do best in my carier and saving some money.so she can help me to proposed my love as soon as possible.amin.thanks mom for encourage me.actually my mom dont want conflict like my previous love to happend again with my current love now.do u know its hard for my mom to accept a gurl in my life.once u have trust from my mother,its means u are the most lucky gurl.it depend on u to take care those respect from my mom.n once u broke that relationship,it means forever my mom wont accept u again in his son life.congrat to Nadia Aziz.my mom love u too.caring about u and always concern about us.hehe.love u so much EMAK n MAMA.hehe.My future is in my hand.i the one who choosed the path.Oh.the bus is moving now.fuhh..Terengganu,here i come!! Kite tgk penyu telo,penyu tgk telo??? >,@