24 May 2010

Wangsa Walk

Today at lunch hour,i go around wangsa maju.i go visit Taman Desa Setapak where i grown up.a lot of change here.totaly different from my childhood.nowaday,there is a Wangsa Walk..where people around here can watch cinema there.a lot of change here,people nowaday not like before.they are more like Amarikaaa..Why i said like this because people there more over malay gurls dres up like there is not enough kain anymore.someone said like "kain balut nangka"..but for guy its lucky la to watch free stuff show.ha3.ketat2 jarang2 dedah2..haish!! I wonder is this life that i choose??no way!! I more to "kampung style" but yet i still advance folow the future.=)

ulat buku mode..aiyarkk..

hik3...thanks my sis coz let me borrow her book..there are 3 books she lend to me..

1>>Kertas kerja kursus pra-perkahwinan

2>>suami teladan igauan seorang isteri

3>>indahnya hidup bersyariat

the book is really good for someone who going to married someday..he3..a lot we can learn espicially to a guys like me..learn how to be a true husband..he3..
thanks my sis..i will try finished read those book..he3..ulat buku mode activated!!

p/s>>"kene habeskan baca br la bersedia ke alam perkahwinan" katanya.thanks sis..=)