20 February 2010

karnival WOW Putrajaya ^ ^ smile~ hot air ballon!!

last saturday (semalam ler) i go n enjoy my life..i go to putrajaya meet my facebook fren Besi Karat n his wife Lieyana Zulkifli..ha3..what a sweet couple..i meet them juz for a while coz i have to go to another place..i talk with Besi Karat n snap a few pic with them..nice ha..juz use my new compact olympus je..hik3..bard n sis yana open car boot sales there..that time cuaca very2 the hot beb..fuhh..itam aku..ha3...then i go to Mid Valey to watch movies..iam a movie ticket collectors now..hik3..planned to watch tooth fairy..but dah xde show lg..hu3..then decide to watch lightning thief..best gak la..hik3..what a hepy saturday nite fever !!