03 May 2010

4th May 1957

Today is my mother 53 birthday..wish u happy in ur life n may Allah bless u..u r my best friend n u r the most beautiful women i know.mak,everything u done for me,i really apriciate it.u sacrifice ur need juz to fullfil my dreams.I will never let u cry anymore.mak,i love u so much even i not showing it,ur love still remain in my heart forever.Iam proud of u mak.my only moms in my life is Salmiah Binti Kassim.
With <3

1st day induction day at Telekom Malaysia.

Hai.morning everyone.its a cool day coz early in the morning,i can see KLCC juz out from my hotel windows.ha3.its feel like iam a tourist.ha3.ok.yesterday,is my 1st report duty for this job.it is realy a tired day lol.i doing my Medical Report at Tawakal Hospital n the doc said i have a good clear lungs.y??coz iam not a SMOKERS!!ha3.its save money n SAVE UR LIFE..so i can spent much time with my love one.amin.ha3.pity some people is OBES,but SMOKING heavy ..let say ur gf kising n said "yuks it taste tembakau la B..but sayang loikee..muah3 gediks"..ha3..neway,back to the topic,frankly i said,this is the best job i have now.amin.everything goes fine n smoothly.hik3.n the meal are provided n SEDAP!! ha3.diet mode deactivated~ =p