12 February 2010

choose ur fren..

today we talk bout friends k..actualy..fren do give big impact in our life..we should choose with whom we want to be friend with..either good friend that will be ur best fren forever or bad friends that will totaly destroy ur self..for me..i always choose my fren..i dont care what they said bout this..neway...i feel pity people out there that make a wrong dicision..when it couse bad thing hapen..y blame others???y dont blame urself...people do mistake..sometimes do make it twice..but when it hapen everytime in ur whole life..its seem u the one that wont listen n take notes from others...try to be active listening k...out there...a lot of adventure...a lot of problem.. a lot of wrong decision..however..there always a choice...its depend on ourself to choose which one we want to stay with....

aku sakit...

hai there...its me again..curently listen to wali band..what a nice colection of good song from them..i love listen to "YANK"..lately i love to karok for my self...memekak in my house...ha3...um..juz came back from seeing my best fren sara n her fren nadya kyuto..its been long period i never meet them..nadya is going to maried with his fiance..gud luck dear..=)..kawen gak korang ek..hik..um..how about me>>i dont know...i realy want to get maried his year...but its seem i always meet the wrong person..or...........entah ler..no komen..hu3..aiya..juz for today..i received 2 kad kawen lol..when is my turn???

um..what is diferent curang n kene kebas???i do ask my fren..they always said its totaly diferent..but for me...what is the diferent??still cant figure it out la..huk3..simple question but the answer seem difficult for me..

n i wonders..is there a cop at my dahi said that iam juz clash n heart broke???coz lately a lot of my fren keep ask me about my current relationship..dammed..from where they have those info???do i look like an artist for u??what ever...fokus on my track..planing my future..its seem it goes well now..alhamdulilah..rezeki..=)

p/s listen to wali band song>>aku sakit...

this song shows my true feel..

aku sakit..bila menatap matamu..sadar ku..bhw engkau bukan miliku..aku sakit..bila aku mengagumi mu..sedar ku.. kau x pernah mengagumi ku...mahukah.. bangunkah dr tido panjang ku..sedarkah aku dr mimpi tentang mu..usahlah bila ku berharap padamu..salahkah ku..paksa kau kau mengagumi ku..kau x tau.. perasaan ku..dan ku x mahu..kau tahu...aku sakit jika kau tahu hati ku.. kerana diriku x bererti bg mu..aku sakit bilakah kau sembuhkan aku..x mungkin.. x mungkin sunguh tidak mungkin..