26 February 2010


Cinta datang kepada orang yang masih mempunyai harapan, walaupun mereka telah dikecewakan. Kepada mereka yang masih percaya, walaupun mereka telah dikhianati. Kepada mereka yang masih ingin mencintai, walaupun mereka telah disakiti sebelumnya dan Kepada mereka yang mempunyai keberanian dan keyakinan untuk membangunkan kembali kepercayaan.


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20 February 2010

karnival WOW Putrajaya ^ ^ smile~ hot air ballon!!

last saturday (semalam ler) i go n enjoy my life..i go to putrajaya meet my facebook fren Besi Karat n his wife Lieyana Zulkifli..ha3..what a sweet couple..i meet them juz for a while coz i have to go to another place..i talk with Besi Karat n snap a few pic with them..nice ha..juz use my new compact olympus je..hik3..bard n sis yana open car boot sales there..that time cuaca very2 the hot beb..fuhh..itam aku..ha3...then i go to Mid Valey to watch movies..iam a movie ticket collectors now..hik3..planned to watch tooth fairy..but dah xde show lg..hu3..then decide to watch lightning thief..best gak la..hik3..what a hepy saturday nite fever !!

19 February 2010

CinTa tErAKh!R...

Kau cinta pertamaku, Kau cinta terakhirku,Tiada apa yang bisa menafiknn kasih kita, Kau layu di mataku, Satu antara seribu, Tiada tara di dunia, Mungkinkan terputus di tengah jalan, Mungkinkan terlerai tanpa ikatan, Usah ragu dengan takdir....Mungkin kitakan berbeza haluan, Berakhirnya cerita percintaan, Segalanya ketentuan Tuhan.

15 February 2010

banting>>>pantai morib>>pantai bagan lalang..holiday mode!!!

today i came back to banting..last my visit to this town is almost 4 years ago...a lot of different..but peple there still polite like before..ha3...i learned to snap pic while jumping there with my litle bro..serius he dammed talented in picture pose we call photogedik..ha3..learned from him..lol..

i go there eat ikan bakar, sotong bakar, udang goreng, tomyam, sotong goreng...wow~ very2 delicious dude..

many people have fun that day...bring their family..spent time together..nice rite..=)

14 February 2010

my future wife..

iam not searching for a gf..iam searching for a wife..who going to be my future wife??its still a mystery..but i think i just find one..i do have my own cateria in searching a wife..i dont want SOCIAL GURL and have done something i cant forgive rite in front of me...ish3...what a kind.

um.back to the topic..most important,my future wife is she realy love me for my self..respect me for who iam..never tell lies..good listener..knows well in do and dont in a relationship..my own fate is in my own hand..its not stupid to decide which one we want to choose..n dont ever2 "paksa memaksa" in a relationship...for my next 5years future planed..i hope i have my own family..my own child..good carier n money..n when its raya..me n wify going to fight which kampung we will celebrate n mostly my wife win..hik3..that a nice dream rite..hik3..i realy want to have a serious relationship this year..n will not hold it without any "ikatan" for long time juz like my past..if i find one..i will make it fast...being a fiance and ready for next stage..amin..something will hapend this july..hope its goes well..nothing wont stop it..fuhh..

ehem..for my family..i think they recognize my wish for this year coz i have totaly changed from before..tomorow my family will go to BANTING..hik3..can u imagine..this real thing hapened now dude..wow..ahaks..=)

13 February 2010

baik-baik sayang...

aku x ingin.. kau menangis bersedih..sudahi airmata dari mu..yang aku ingin..erti hadir diriku..kan menghapus dukamu syg..kerna bagiku..kau kehormatanku..dengarkan..dengarkan aku...hanya satu pintaku utk mu dan hidupmu..baik-baik sayang..ada aku untukmu..hanya satu pintaku..di siang dan mlm mu..baik-baik syg..kerna aku utk mu..semua keinginan akan aku lakukan sekuat semampuku syg..kerna bagiku..kau kehormatanku..dengarkan..dengarkan aku...

12 February 2010

choose ur fren..

today we talk bout friends k..actualy..fren do give big impact in our life..we should choose with whom we want to be friend with..either good friend that will be ur best fren forever or bad friends that will totaly destroy ur self..for me..i always choose my fren..i dont care what they said bout this..neway...i feel pity people out there that make a wrong dicision..when it couse bad thing hapen..y blame others???y dont blame urself...people do mistake..sometimes do make it twice..but when it hapen everytime in ur whole life..its seem u the one that wont listen n take notes from others...try to be active listening k...out there...a lot of adventure...a lot of problem.. a lot of wrong decision..however..there always a choice...its depend on ourself to choose which one we want to stay with....

aku sakit...

hai there...its me again..curently listen to wali band..what a nice colection of good song from them..i love listen to "YANK"..lately i love to karok for my self...memekak in my house...ha3...um..juz came back from seeing my best fren sara n her fren nadya kyuto..its been long period i never meet them..nadya is going to maried with his fiance..gud luck dear..=)..kawen gak korang ek..hik..um..how about me>>i dont know...i realy want to get maried his year...but its seem i always meet the wrong person..or...........entah ler..no komen..hu3..aiya..juz for today..i received 2 kad kawen lol..when is my turn???

um..what is diferent curang n kene kebas???i do ask my fren..they always said its totaly diferent..but for me...what is the diferent??still cant figure it out la..huk3..simple question but the answer seem difficult for me..

n i wonders..is there a cop at my dahi said that iam juz clash n heart broke???coz lately a lot of my fren keep ask me about my current relationship..dammed..from where they have those info???do i look like an artist for u??what ever...fokus on my track..planing my future..its seem it goes well now..alhamdulilah..rezeki..=)

p/s listen to wali band song>>aku sakit...

this song shows my true feel..

aku sakit..bila menatap matamu..sadar ku..bhw engkau bukan miliku..aku sakit..bila aku mengagumi mu..sedar ku.. kau x pernah mengagumi ku...mahukah.. bangunkah dr tido panjang ku..sedarkah aku dr mimpi tentang mu..usahlah bila ku berharap padamu..salahkah ku..paksa kau kau mengagumi ku..kau x tau.. perasaan ku..dan ku x mahu..kau tahu...aku sakit jika kau tahu hati ku.. kerana diriku x bererti bg mu..aku sakit bilakah kau sembuhkan aku..x mungkin.. x mungkin sunguh tidak mungkin..

11 February 2010

hounted by past<<...>>chasing the future...

hai there...i feel empty today..y??i also dont know y??actually a lot of thing in this early beginning of 2010 hapend to me..its really make me a person..miserable..anoying..loser...winner..and many more..y this hapend???its shows us our up n down side of life..its true??actualy...i want to change everything in my life..i want it to be more better n comfortable for me n others..i want to be a nice person.hope everyone out there will understand me more..listen to radio now..ermm...somehow..i want back my early life before..really mis my past life..but its remain past..life always like this..never turn back..always have to go on.chasing the future.

i love to ride my bike..coz my bike the only place where i figure out answers to my question of life..i love the air of the ride more special when its raining day..y in life theres so much question to be answered..dammed i dont like those question that hounted my life..need ghostbuster now..ha3..

mY LAst dAY AT vads..huuuuu..

hai there...its seem its my last day working here at vads..i do learned a lot here espicialy how to know people out there...a person of analytical type,pigeon type,drive type..wow..now i realize something inside me..i do find my self confident whoaa..gonna mis my fren here yooww..here i gain my self..hang out new people..its good to make fren la...my fren yana,tariqi,amar,ed,nazi,jojo..and others..GOONA MIS U ALL DARL~..huk3..wish u all luck for tomorow 1st mock cal test k..cayokk guys...^ ^

09 February 2010

atTitUdE is aLL AbOUt LifE..."cyber criminal"

i juz remove all my post in this blog..i will start it over again from now...actually something hapened..me also dont want it to hapened..but thing comes up..that is life..i dont like others used facebook or blogspot juz to miz use it n doing cyber criminal..lucky iam not a rich person..or else i will sue those blogers that doing such such thing to my life..to those out there that doing such thing..plzz stop it..be an educated person..dont shows that u r really2 desperated n do such thing..

and for me..i learn from my mistake..if i done wrong..plz forgive me..its my mistake if i done wrong with u all out there...hope things goes fine after this..last night me decide to delete all unknown n unwanted fren from my FB frenlist..now only people i know only still cntct with me on internet..to my fren that i juz remove last night..iam sory ok..i have to..hope u guys understand..

for those cyber criminal..behave ur self k..take this as an advice from a fren..try to forgive coz it helps u in ur life..peace~ (^^)