23 May 2010


hai..hik3..yesterday i think i move one more step forward in my relationship...yesterday is the first time i meet Mr.Mat Aziz (actually not exactly first time)..hik3..he is a polite man..a man full of vision..hik3..nice talks with him..and share some life experienced with him..later on..what a funny thins is my future mother in law say "kfc..makcik kuar jap ye..g AVON.."..kih3..my future mother in law also call me "KFC" aiyarkk....kih3..then after a while..i and my love sneaks out from the home..hik3..we go and eat Mcdonalds..hik3..i eat Mega Mac..wow!!! its really MEGA burger sey..hik3..iam so full ..hik3..(why so many "hik3")..ha3...

i celebrate my love birthday..i bought her birthday present and its gold necklace with "S" hearts shapes..its means love for Shahril Azwan..wink3..its Poh Kong 916 Gold..hik3...my love feel happy with a big smile..he3...i love her so much..then i tapau some Secret Recipe for her..if i dont mistaken its a black forest strawberry cake and Berry cakes..he3..i sent her back to home..she wont stop smile until now when she read this post..he3..huge smile..smile of Poh Kong..hik3...she is so beautiful..last nite she talks with her mother...and her mother said.."cincin dah bagi..rantai dah bagi..boleh nikah dah nie"..he3..coming soon..maybe end of this year after my parent come back from HAJI..they will come to Banting for merisik and bertunang..amin..=)

"wa dah nak bertunang derr"..