06 March 2010

happy weekend ^ ^ smile~

the red giant soldier!!!

last day..very fun for me..a lot sweet memories happened in my life..i wonder perfection in love for me..ha3..last day is the day i found my life..iam back on track..my futurama track..hik3..speed it up..ok..let me story..last day me out from 10 am until 1 am..pergh..a lot of thing i do..

me out n have fun in my life..spent my first salary..spent time with someone special..someone that bring light to my life..someone that apreciate me in her own way and accept me as i do..thanks dear..

first i go n bought ticket at stadium shah alam n bought selangorian jersey there..then we go to sunway pyramid..its was long time my last visit here..a lot of changed..really big..ha3..then me decide to watch niang rapik..but my fren sugest dont watch it..its a bored movie..so me choose to watch solomon kane..dammed very bored la this movie..nothing special..so people out there..save ur money..watch alice in wonderland oke next week..he3..

then i go shoping for my self..i bought my self a t-shirt and two renoma boxer..ha3..now i have my personal dressing advisor la jawatan tetap lagi for her..hik3..she do choosed good t-shirt for me..thank dear..thats t-shirts really suit me...me looked hensem whoa..weiihuuu...

me also bought her what i promised before..can't wait to meet her again next week n wear what we bought last day..next week we planed to go nadya weeding then after that go watch alice in wonderland maybe at sunway pyramid again..he3..

at 8pm..me changed to our selangorian jersey..ha3..best gler beb..watch live match..selangor vs kedah..ha3...kedah is like ayam masak gulai cili api..really2 makanan beb..ha3..selangor beat kedah 4-0..can u imagine it..ha3...kedah team memang makanan..hik3...

final result selangor beat kedah 4 - 0..weiihuuu!!!!!!!

ha3...nad fanatik habes !!!!