20 June 2010

Terenganu Public Invasion!!!

*kete drift...ha3..

long time i not update this blog..actually a lot of stories that i should share here..but iam to bz since become a career guys..fuh...what i should start ya..um..oke ..start with my last day at Terengganu..fuh..i and fren rent a car..we go around Terengganu town..fuh...a lot of places we visit..ngee...me and my fren go to Pantai Aiport..we eat Ikan goreng tepung + sotong goreng tepung..mcm2 lagii..ha3...then we plan ronda2 Ganu Town..weeee...i and my friends go to Pantai Syahbandar..there is Fun Fair and bazaar..we eat Sotong bakar..ha3..mcm singam..huuu...um..dont want to talk longer..tired lol...sooner i will leave fb and bloger..bored la this stuff...ha3..

*dah mls nak update

p/s selamat hari bapa..nge3