09 February 2010

atTitUdE is aLL AbOUt LifE..."cyber criminal"

i juz remove all my post in this blog..i will start it over again from now...actually something hapened..me also dont want it to hapened..but thing comes up..that is life..i dont like others used facebook or blogspot juz to miz use it n doing cyber criminal..lucky iam not a rich person..or else i will sue those blogers that doing such such thing to my life..to those out there that doing such thing..plzz stop it..be an educated person..dont shows that u r really2 desperated n do such thing..

and for me..i learn from my mistake..if i done wrong..plz forgive me..its my mistake if i done wrong with u all out there...hope things goes fine after this..last night me decide to delete all unknown n unwanted fren from my FB frenlist..now only people i know only still cntct with me on internet..to my fren that i juz remove last night..iam sory ok..i have to..hope u guys understand..

for those cyber criminal..behave ur self k..take this as an advice from a fren..try to forgive coz it helps u in ur life..peace~ (^^)