14 May 2010

Hepi 25th birthday Nadia Aziz

Again on May,there is another special person in my life.Her name is Nadia Aziz.she was born on 15May1985.she has a beautiful smile,shining eyes,white skin n small cute nose.she is the most beautiful gurl in my life.wishing all the best in her career n life.may happiness be with u.let me share here about her.i meet her while iam study at Polytechnic Shah Alam,after she finish her diploma,she futher her studies at UTHM bachelor in Electrical Eng.she is so clever and suit with her beautiful smiling face.i love her so much.i promise to take care of her,love her,treat her as a princes and queen of my heart and soul.i promise to be a good lover and husband.love u so much.i used to call her MAMA and she called me ABANG..hepi birthday sayang..
For u mama..
I l<3v3y<3u..

with love