07 April 2010

for ma..

hai there ..its me..kinda bz lately..a lot of thing have to do n done..actually a lot of story i would like to share here..thing that i done pass few week..huuu..hope its still fresh in my mind..ok..lets go on..1st..28 of march 2010 is a day that very meaningful in my life..coz thats day is the day i find someone that love me the way iam..thanks for her coz she do respect me by her own way..thanks you so much ma..

erm..first..i have to fullfill my promise first..as i do..iam a person thats always full fill my word oke..

so this is my promise..wink3..

1>>dinner at a romantic restaurant...done..
2>>eat at kenny rogers roaster..done..
3>>tapau sushi king..done..
4>>gold ring for my love..done..
5>>propose her to be my love in a proper way..done..
6>>make the day that will last forever..done..

he3...actualy..a lot of thing i shall done for my love..coz that is me..thats how i express my love..n show the true iam..only to the person that i trust n in love with..thanks ma for ur love..

i bring her to meet my family at my home..n its start well and ends well..hik3..thanks my family for supporting me..espicialy to my sis..along memang sporting..hik3...since then, my family frequently ask me about her.. i always tell them how she is the way i look at her..

um..i bring her to watch me play soccer with my football team..PARDOL FC..ha3..she watching us been beat 7-1..ha3..malu sey..balik kene bahan..hampeh..ha3..=p

then we decide to change our manje call to "abg & mama"..hik3..this is the first time i use this word..ha3..kinda kekok but its seem suit with us now..hik3..we still learning each others..she is the best for me..the most suitable with me..

erm..i remember someone that closed to me once before..he is like abg for me ..here what he advice me..

"Allah sengaja menemukan kita dengan pasangan yg salah pada mulanya.. dan memisahkan kita... tujuan adalah agar kita berfikir.. dan mencari kebenaran.. dan bila kita berjumpa dengan pasangan yg betul.. sebenarnya itu la anugerah dari Allah... itu adalah kebaikan utk shah.. pengalaman bukan boleh dirasai dengan membaca.. ia mesti la dialami oleh org itu sendiri.. setiap insan lain2 ujiannya"

"Allah dah temukan dengan org yg bukan sepatutnya milik kita... agar kita berfikir.. manusia mmg boleh berubah.. mungkin Allah tak nak kita yg ubah org itu.. mungkin ada org lain yg dipilih Allah utk mengubah org tu.. so, kita sebagai manusia kena redha.. kena terima ketentuan Ilahi.. suatu hari kita akan berkata "bersyukur aku kerana teleh ditemukan dengan pasanganku skrg".

those word are somehing for me..something that i should bring it in my life..a word thats changed every perspective in my life..thanks for him for those advice..i will keep it in my mind always..

lately..every week i will go to watch movie..ha3..we are movies lovers beb..hik3..after watch movie..we always having our mcflurry oreo berries..dap woooo..i loikeee..

last nite..i ask her..what she look at me..honestly she reply my sms with this>>


ha3..she is very2 soft spoken..ha3..hampeh..

erm..mis to watch she karok..ha3..suara best beb..cair waa!!!..hik3..and me juz layan waliband only..but she layan ramlah ram!!!!..ha3..hafal tuuu..kih3..but i do love watch n heard sha sang a song..she realy do talented in singing..hik3..

p/s>>no pic upload..sori..its a privacy matters..=)