09 August 2010


alhamdulilah..Ramadhan is coming sooner..weee...errr..means no lunch rite..ho3..means no Mcvalue lunch for all muslim oke..he3..well Ramadhan is the months which all muslim people have to fasting for the whole day until Maghrib..he3..this months is also ibadah months which a lot of pahala for us...including Tarawikh..where all muslim including man,woman,children and old folks gather at the mosque and pray...=)

and one more things is Pasar Ramdhan..he3.ayam golekkkk!!!! he3...best3...opss..diet control plzzz..kui3..ayayaaiiii..err...this months salary..i wanna shoping hola2..buy new clothes..new shoes..new t-shirts..ngeee......and also not forgeten shoping holic for my pandamon..he3...love pandamon so much..kui3..=p