18 May 2010

Enjoy at Marang!!!

wow..its amazing to see my life now..fuhh..iam confident about my self..i challenge my self to move forward..and be winner among the winner..wow!!..last week i stay for 1weeks at Marang..i enjoy myself there..i meet and get to know my fren..its been a week there..i understanding the meaning of life..m..i love my career now..i see my future here..love my company..here are my pic with my fren here..chill out..smile..

and weekend there..i go to Kapas Island..i snorkling there..best whoa to watch Nemo and colorful fish alive...ha3..give them eat "roti"..ha3..i loikee..blop..blopp..blopp..wow..even i use safety jacket..still tertelan air laut gak..ha3..wuekk...kih3..really enjoy beb..next time i want to go for snorkling again maybe Redang Island..maybe..but WHERE IS THE SHARKS...????never seen one..those SHARP TEETH JAWS also eat "roti" rite???jeng jeng jeng..ha3..=p

we all searching for duyung sexy unsensored from AMERICA..however..what we found is DUGONG AMARIKAAAAA!!!>>sebut slang KELANTAN...wakakakaka..lawak siot!!!

p/s>>pic snorkling xde lagi...waiting for my fren upload those snorkling pic at FB lol..