31 May 2010

Yang terindah (Ost Adam Maya)

Semenjak kau hadir dalam hidupku
Tiada lagi keresahan
Kau mengetuk pintu hatiku
Tanpa sedar hingga ku izinkan

Kau yang bernama cinta
Kau yang memberi rasa
Kau yang ilhamkan bahagia
Hingga aku terasa indah

Maaf jikaku tidak sempurna
Tika bahagia mula menjelma
Bila keyakinan datang merasa
Kasih disalut dengan kejujuran

Mencintai dirimu
Merindui dirimu
Memiliki dirimu
Hingga akhir hayat bersama kamu

Kau yang bernama cinta
Kau yang memberi rasa
Kau yang ilhamkan bahagia
Hingga aku terasa indah

Kau yang bernama cinta
Hingga aku rasa indah

ex:how to briefing about ur self when attend an interview

hai..today i would like to story about my experience in attending certain interview..what i wrote below is a skrip from my self that i always used in my interview session..make sure when u talks with the interviewer..plz keep eyes contact with them..dont ever look to others places..and sit properly "tegak"..example like "pembaca berita"..ok..here my dialog >>

start //good morning..my name is shahril azwan bin abdul shukor..i was born on 31st january 1985..now iam 25years old..currently i lived with my family at kajang..my father name is abdul shukor bin md atan,he already pencen now..my mothers name is salmiah kasim and she works as a nurse at hospital serdang...my sister name is shairatul azlin and she works as a counselor at SMAP Kajang..and my youngest brother is shahril akmal and still study at uitm Jengka.

i finish my spm at sekolah menengah teknik selangor sg buloh at 2002..after i finish my spm..i work as a cashier at KFC Kajang from dec 2002 to dec 2003..at the end of 2003..i got offer to futher my study at polytechnic shah alam..i study there for 2 years..for certificate in electrical and electronic engineering...during third semester there..i doing my industrial training at TNB for 6 months as a trainee technician..during my industrial training..ii learn about power system in substation..

after i finish my study at polytechnic..i got offer to futher my study at UTM KL for diploma in electronic engineering..i study there for 3 years..during the fifth semester..there is a long semester break..i spend my time work as a ast.technician at Kenseisha sdn.bhd..i works there for 3 months...then i continue my last semester and i grad for my Diploma on August 2009..

iam confident about my self..iam a hardworking person..and iam the most suitable candidate for this post..why i choose to be a part of this company is because i love the relationships among the staff and i can see bright future with this company..thank you..*end with smile =)// end

so this is how i attend my previous interview..and using this word..i manage to get job offer for certain big company..hope u guys try it..but make sure changed it more about ur self oke..peace..=)

p/s >> be confident,dress properly..wear ties for guys..and wear black shoes..make sure to iron ur clothes..wear a clothes that can give more confident in ur self..and study a little bit about the company u attend for the interview..trust me....its helps..=)

28 May 2010

help me!!!

sometimes..somehow..somewhere..i dont recognize my self..i need a friends..chear me up..forget everything that mess me up..cannot feel to releks..or even cool my self..dont know how..crying for help...arrrghhhhh....hate it!!!!

*pewot kembong ler..=p

27 May 2010

2nd month aniversary

Iam happy today.coz early in the morning i received a msg..she said she become more in love with me.thanks dear.me love u too.everyday its seem our love become the way we want it to be.thanks mama.luv u so much.wont stop luving u forever.iam happy with u.u always be mine.iam yours..memuuaahh..

shah love kanad wink3

24 May 2010

Wangsa Walk

Today at lunch hour,i go around wangsa maju.i go visit Taman Desa Setapak where i grown up.a lot of change here.totaly different from my childhood.nowaday,there is a Wangsa Walk..where people around here can watch cinema there.a lot of change here,people nowaday not like before.they are more like Amarikaaa..Why i said like this because people there more over malay gurls dres up like there is not enough kain anymore.someone said like "kain balut nangka"..but for guy its lucky la to watch free stuff show.ha3.ketat2 jarang2 dedah2..haish!! I wonder is this life that i choose??no way!! I more to "kampung style" but yet i still advance folow the future.=)

ulat buku mode..aiyarkk..

hik3...thanks my sis coz let me borrow her book..there are 3 books she lend to me..

1>>Kertas kerja kursus pra-perkahwinan

2>>suami teladan igauan seorang isteri

3>>indahnya hidup bersyariat

the book is really good for someone who going to married someday..he3..a lot we can learn espicially to a guys like me..learn how to be a true husband..he3..
thanks my sis..i will try finished read those book..he3..ulat buku mode activated!!

p/s>>"kene habeskan baca br la bersedia ke alam perkahwinan" katanya.thanks sis..=)

23 May 2010


hai..hik3..yesterday i think i move one more step forward in my relationship...yesterday is the first time i meet Mr.Mat Aziz (actually not exactly first time)..hik3..he is a polite man..a man full of vision..hik3..nice talks with him..and share some life experienced with him..later on..what a funny thins is my future mother in law say "kfc..makcik kuar jap ye..g AVON.."..kih3..my future mother in law also call me "KFC" aiyarkk....kih3..then after a while..i and my love sneaks out from the home..hik3..we go and eat Mcdonalds..hik3..i eat Mega Mac..wow!!! its really MEGA burger sey..hik3..iam so full ..hik3..(why so many "hik3")..ha3...

i celebrate my love birthday..i bought her birthday present and its gold necklace with "S" hearts shapes..its means love for Shahril Azwan..wink3..its Poh Kong 916 Gold..hik3...my love feel happy with a big smile..he3...i love her so much..then i tapau some Secret Recipe for her..if i dont mistaken its a black forest strawberry cake and Berry cakes..he3..i sent her back to home..she wont stop smile until now when she read this post..he3..huge smile..smile of Poh Kong..hik3...she is so beautiful..last nite she talks with her mother...and her mother said.."cincin dah bagi..rantai dah bagi..boleh nikah dah nie"..he3..coming soon..maybe end of this year after my parent come back from HAJI..they will come to Banting for merisik and bertunang..amin..=)

"wa dah nak bertunang derr"..

18 May 2010

Enjoy at Marang!!!

wow..its amazing to see my life now..fuhh..iam confident about my self..i challenge my self to move forward..and be winner among the winner..wow!!..last week i stay for 1weeks at Marang..i enjoy myself there..i meet and get to know my fren..its been a week there..i understanding the meaning of life..m..i love my career now..i see my future here..love my company..here are my pic with my fren here..chill out..smile..

and weekend there..i go to Kapas Island..i snorkling there..best whoa to watch Nemo and colorful fish alive...ha3..give them eat "roti"..ha3..i loikee..blop..blopp..blopp..wow..even i use safety jacket..still tertelan air laut gak..ha3..wuekk...kih3..really enjoy beb..next time i want to go for snorkling again maybe Redang Island..maybe..but WHERE IS THE SHARKS...????never seen one..those SHARP TEETH JAWS also eat "roti" rite???jeng jeng jeng..ha3..=p

we all searching for duyung sexy unsensored from AMERICA..however..what we found is DUGONG AMARIKAAAAA!!!>>sebut slang KELANTAN...wakakakaka..lawak siot!!!

p/s>>pic snorkling xde lagi...waiting for my fren upload those snorkling pic at FB lol..

14 May 2010

Hepi 25th birthday Nadia Aziz

Again on May,there is another special person in my life.Her name is Nadia Aziz.she was born on 15May1985.she has a beautiful smile,shining eyes,white skin n small cute nose.she is the most beautiful gurl in my life.wishing all the best in her career n life.may happiness be with u.let me share here about her.i meet her while iam study at Polytechnic Shah Alam,after she finish her diploma,she futher her studies at UTHM bachelor in Electrical Eng.she is so clever and suit with her beautiful smiling face.i love her so much.i promise to take care of her,love her,treat her as a princes and queen of my heart and soul.i promise to be a good lover and husband.love u so much.i used to call her MAMA and she called me ABANG..hepi birthday sayang..
For u mama..
I l<3v3y<3u..

with love

13 May 2010

Knowing me..

Kinda bored rite now.try to find some jajan.but where to get??huk3.i choose to write my blog in English coz i want to improve my grammar and vocabulary.its ok doing mistakes,people do mistake ok.well the title for this post is "knowing me"..try to monolog my self,and figure what i want to write bout me.um.ok.what in my mind,i write it down ok.cannot wait this Saturday,i plan go to Pulau Kapas and spent whole day there,try to find my self,my confident,and i would like to buried my past memories there in a bottle.i wrote 3piece of papers and put it inside a bottle.hopefuly next 20yrs i come back to Terenganu and find back that bottles.huk3.hopefuly its remain there.ha3.i going to try snorkling there.hopefuly no Jaws!! Ha3.the trip will start on 8.30am to the jetty and the joy will start.um.what is best to describe about Pulau Kapas.maybe "gula2 kapas pink" is the best.ha3.again,i try to snap a pic while jumping in the beach.ha3.but who going to snap n what camera to be used.aduyai.i ask my love that i would like to buy a camera for my self.she said ok as long its not SLR..ha3..n make sure its not NIKON or CANON..ha3.yelah.i will buy olympus compact ok my dear.somehow,she complete me.she do advice me not to waste money to buy Blackbery or Iphones and DSLR camera,better use that money to getting married.ha3.somehow,i like her talk n scold me like that.she is right.love the way she think and planned our future..=)

Hepi birthday my sis..

Hai.tomorrow is my sis birthday.she was born on 14may1981.she is the best and the only sis i ever had.she is beautiful,kind,caring n nice to talk with.always share her opinion with me.she grown up and become ladies after she get married with her husbnd.now she is 29 with 3cute noty kids.hik3.I learned so much experience juz look my sis handle her family.congrat sis,wish u hepi n enjoy ur life,wishing i was there with u now sis and give u birthday card.neway my sis,plz keep ur cake in a cold storeage ok.i want ur birthday cake.hopefuly its Secret Recipe.
With <3

Ketika cinta bertasbih

Bertuturlah cinta.mengucap satu nama.seindah ku rasa sdg dlm kitabku.cinta yg bertasbih.mengutus sepi ini.ku sandarkan hidup matiku pd mu.bisikan aku dlm butiran tasbih.ku panjangkan pinta pdmu maha cinta.xbisa ku paksa walau hatiku menjerit.nadiku berdenyut merdu.merangkai butir cinta.cinta mengusik rasa.Syukur ats segala cinta.

09 May 2010

te amo

Love is something u care about.love is something u protect with ur heart,ur soul and ur life.gurl n boy make it love full with colors n shape.its easy to say love words,but to make it comes true,its take every second in ur life to fight for it.love love love..the greatest things in everybody life..

08 May 2010


Morning.juz arrived to our beloved Terengganu yesterday at 6.30pm.its was a long journey and i sleep early last nite.i woke up today early than others.coz i want to see sunrise from my hostel corridor.wow.what a nice view.its really calm me.i see fisherman boat working.what a best scenery to watch.its cold out here.Fuhh..um..Penyu..Terengganu well know in worldwide becoz of this lovely turtle..later on i google for scientific name of the penyu.um.y penyu is so special?i lack of info bout this animal.what i do know is Penyu is one of the protected species coz of their out of number.Penyu hatch from a soft skin eggs and the eggs are white in color.Baby penyu face a lot of danger since their start their new life until the end of their life.Penyu will find their partner n then will hatch their small cute eggs in a beach where their start their life.um..i feel like i juz back to my hometown after a long time i leave this Terengganu.feel good back here n breath village air.smooth and calm..i miss Terengganu very much...

07 May 2010


In TM bus rite now.going to TM Training Center situated at Marang,Terenganu.it will a 7 hour journey before reached the distination.in a bus,in surrounded by Kelantanian n Terengganunian.huk3.learned to understand their loghat.huk3.even i dont understand,juz pretend to understand oke.ha3.um.Marang,what i do know about Marang,um well,what can i say is Marang is a beautiful place,nice people,nice village scenery and nice pantai and their ikan bakar.um.what a waste i can't snap picture.dont have camera lol.um.its ok.coming soon Nikon D5000 will be mine.fuh.juz 10minutes ago.my moms call me.she do concern about me.nice chat with my mom early in the morning.she told me to do best in my carier and saving some money.so she can help me to proposed my love as soon as possible.amin.thanks mom for encourage me.actually my mom dont want conflict like my previous love to happend again with my current love now.do u know its hard for my mom to accept a gurl in my life.once u have trust from my mother,its means u are the most lucky gurl.it depend on u to take care those respect from my mom.n once u broke that relationship,it means forever my mom wont accept u again in his son life.congrat to Nadia Aziz.my mom love u too.caring about u and always concern about us.hehe.love u so much EMAK n MAMA.hehe.My future is in my hand.i the one who choosed the path.Oh.the bus is moving now.fuhh..Terengganu,here i come!! Kite tgk penyu telo,penyu tgk telo??? >,@

05 May 2010

Hepi mothers day..

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! Hai.its me again.ha3.well.curently i in a KTM train rite now.going back to my hometown for a while.i want to hug my mother n said how much i love u mom.hik3.kinda hungry rite now.cant wait to eat my mother birthday cake.nyum3.ha3.um.i hope our gov improve our KTM service.coz realy on peak hour.there is lack of service,the train is full,not enough seat n our Malaysian citizen doesnt know how to queve up.what a shame coz behind me there is an Italian couple critise our citizen attitude.what a shame.huk3.hope our gov find the best solution to solve this matter.fuhh.back to the my world again.well,iam kinda bored with the induction training.huk3.coz majority my clicks are Kelantanian.huk3.iam a Selangorian,n i stick with our PM shout out "1Malaysia" but why until now those people from Kelantan still with their attitude "berpuak-puak"..dem i hate that idea oke.huh!! There is somemore i would like to share here but its gone with the wind.huk3.i take a break for a moment.try to figure what i missing.oke.see ya..!!

i <3 my parent..=)

04 May 2010

2nd day

Yesterday is my 2nd day induction at Telekom Malaysia.kinda poor management la.no schedule,no notes.its realy a last minutes preparation.the team that incharge for this induction is poor.but yet,the induction is stil go on.huk3.i juz know yesterday,that my training here at Jalan Gurney KL is only for 1weeks.huk3.the next induction training will be held on next Monday 9May at Marang,Terengganu.Huk3.it been a long time since my last visit at Ganu last year...

03 May 2010

4th May 1957

Today is my mother 53 birthday..wish u happy in ur life n may Allah bless u..u r my best friend n u r the most beautiful women i know.mak,everything u done for me,i really apriciate it.u sacrifice ur need juz to fullfil my dreams.I will never let u cry anymore.mak,i love u so much even i not showing it,ur love still remain in my heart forever.Iam proud of u mak.my only moms in my life is Salmiah Binti Kassim.
With <3

1st day induction day at Telekom Malaysia.

Hai.morning everyone.its a cool day coz early in the morning,i can see KLCC juz out from my hotel windows.ha3.its feel like iam a tourist.ha3.ok.yesterday,is my 1st report duty for this job.it is realy a tired day lol.i doing my Medical Report at Tawakal Hospital n the doc said i have a good clear lungs.y??coz iam not a SMOKERS!!ha3.its save money n SAVE UR LIFE..so i can spent much time with my love one.amin.ha3.pity some people is OBES,but SMOKING heavy ..let say ur gf kising n said "yuks it taste tembakau la B..but sayang loikee..muah3 gediks"..ha3..neway,back to the topic,frankly i said,this is the best job i have now.amin.everything goes fine n smoothly.hik3.n the meal are provided n SEDAP!! ha3.diet mode deactivated~ =p

02 May 2010

Wonderful life..

Hai.today i will lapor diri at Telekom Training Centre Jalan Gurney.Kursus induksi for 3weeks maybe at Taiping.huu.this my life,my future.last day,i mengedate at JJ Bukit Tinggi.wow.its realy look like MV.Cant wait to go hang out there again.hot movie now is Iron Man2.for the ticket,I queve up for almost 40minutes n the board said Iron Man2 is fully booked.but yet,i stil queve up n its worthly coz when my turn come up.the ticket for uncolectable ticket foq early booked open for sale.iam so lucky to have the ticket.it feel like iam the Iron Man after buy the ticket.ha3.banga beb dpt tiket tgk org len beratur panjang muka penuh harapan nak tiket Iron Man2.ha3.the most hepy person is Nadia Aziz.hehe.i buy for her new jeans n new perfume.she looked so hepy,thanks ma,i will always make u hepi,this is how i love u.after this rindu rinduan for 3weeks oke.=)