28 March 2011

1 year in love..

alhamdulilah...kini genap setahun kami mencintai satu sama lain..amin..

23 March 2011

Welcome to my LiF3.

hey babeh..i think i wanna marry you..who cares babeh..i wanna marry youuu..he3...
helo day..chihuahauaa..weee...iam doing taping dance for this..okeh..lets me agian share my life stories here..actually..iam kinda2 very bz with my life..my career..my futurama plan..he3.
neway..its been a long time iam not update my blog..sory for my secret admire out there..he3..

well3...on this April...insyAllah i will have my salary increased...amin3...hopefully its will come true..its true if you married..Pintu Rezeki melimpah2 for u..eventhought iam not married yet..but the tempias already hit me..weee.....

oke...me n my fiance family already set the date for my marriage..the date is on 8okt2011..opsss...he3...dont want to talk more bout this..its still a secret..he3..

as usual..when we geting married..a lot of think in the mind..a lot means a truely a lot..waaaa....some said we will pokai for marriage..yes..thats true..he3...however..the happines is worth more than thousand words..he3..

iam geeting married..fuhhh...